Disclaimer - Abuse Prevention Policy

Staffing Everywhere has the ability to research, track and monitor all user activities and interactions on the Staffing Everywhere web site in order to promote a secure online environment. Staffing Everywhere attempts to provide Candidates protection against online scammers through education on scams and proactive investigation. Staffing Everywhere reserves the right to review and verify company job postings, candidate registrations, emails sent by company employees and administrators as well as emails sent by registered candidates. Staffing Everywhere enforces the website Terms and Conditions and will take all necessary action required to prevent abuse of the Staffing Everywhere system.

Any company, employee or candidate found to be violating the Terms and Conditions of the Staffing Everywhere website or to be found by the company to be engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate use will be terminated from the website and monetary damages may be assessed by the company for reinstatement or as appropriate compensation depending on the found misuse. Staffing Everywhere reserves the right to file civil suits for damages if the situation warrants. Staffing Everywhere will respond to a court order or subpoena request for records and/or information regarding any individual or company use of the web site.

In the event that you have any concerns regarding fraudulent or inappropriate use of the Staffing Everywhere site, please contact us at support@staffingeverywhere.com.